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At Mokgalaka Creations, we are your culinary home. We pride ourselves in bringing delight to your event and keeping the nostalgia long after the event has passed.

To us, you are not a client, but you are part of the Mokgalaka Creations family. So as family, we work diligently to ensure that your events are well catered with sweet and savour delights, guaranteeing your guests leave not with all their senses tantalised and their bellies filled.

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The December Bride (Makoti)

What other better way to enter into the new year as a Makoti (Bride) than now! This festive season calls for big celebrations and ululations. Bringing families together to celebrate in the…

Celebrating Your Birthday

Its no secret that people are very busy nowadays. Celebrating your birthday is the perfect time to get all your friends and family in the same place. This is a day to…

Spring Has Sprung

The first of September marks the end of winter and the start of great tropical weather. A season of growth, bud blooms and warm days. The warm weather is rolling in, flowers…

Womens Month

She is a leader, a motivator, a lover and an inspiration. The unsung heroes of our society. Strong, compassionate, and very beautiful, a women makes everything blossom with joy. Every moment with…