Designer Cakes for any Occasion 

About Us 

Mokgalaka Creations and Projects is a 100% Black owned catering and baking company that was formed and registered in June 2006 and is rated as a Level 1 B-BBEE company. The company specialises in designing, baking and decorating cakes for all special occasions e.g. weddings, anniversary, and birthdays as well as providing world class Catering Services. Mokgalaka Creations has provided catering services both to government and private sector organisations such as the Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, Department of Trade and Industry, Constitutional Hill, CCMA, The Hope Factory and the South African Women Entrepreneurs Network, amongst others.

Lucia Molefe  - Founder

Born in Limpopo, Lucia started her career with the Department of Social Development where she spent 15 years as a social worker. She enjoyed her work and loved helping people and dealing with social problems. Her decision to eventually resign in 2008 was based upon the fact that she felt she had reached a ceiling in terms of her career within the Department and wanted to secure a better future for herself and follow her passion....

"I do not regret making this decision. This is what fulfills my life every day. I love that my job is so artistic and based on my passion and I get to use my imagination," Lucia Molefe

Lucia then began her business by making the odd cake for friends and family while working as a social worker. She had always loved baking, cooking and doing handwork while growing up and this brought about a discovery of an artistic side to her creations.

This passion for baking and cooking helped her learn how to craft beautiful and artistic cakes and Lucia then started taking evening cake design and decoration training/classes while still employed at the Department of Social Development, but reading many books on various recipes - especially pastries - also helped her cause.

“Baking Nelson Mandela's 91st birthday cake was the greatest honour. It was one of the highlights of my career. It was a two-tiered cake, one chocolate and the other passion fruit. The old man… what can you say? He was the greatest. He has impacted so many lives, young and old, positively. He was a great leader."

Our Objectives
To provide services and design products for social occasions and events as required by customers.

Our Mission
Mokgalaka Creations and Projects aims to establish itself and grow as a reputable company that provides quality services and products for all relevant events. Honesty, humility and integrity come naturally to us in all our dealings with our customers.