Heritage Month

Heritage Month recognizes and celebrates the cultural wealth of our Nation. 24 September is regarded as heritage day in our beloved country and we celebrate this day by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa.

As the self proclaimed rainbow nation, boasting a vibrant cultural diversity, eleven official languages, a rich and intricate history and a variety of traditions, Heritage day is recognized and celebrated in many different ways in South Africa.

One of the most important aspects of Heritage day is the fact that it exposes us as South Africans to different people, cultures, traditions, beliefs and religions we may never have been exposed to.

It encourages us to step outside of our own ‘culture bubble’, and urges us to learn, grow, explore and experience the vibrant and diverse range of cultures that exists within our glorious rainbow nation, and in turn allows us to understand, appreciate, recognize, and respect each culture and everything it embodies.

Heritage day therefore provides a great opportunity for all South Africans to put their differences in politics, perspectives and opinions aside, to unite and come together in a single shared purpose and objective- to celebrate South Africas profound history and heritage. Together as one nation.

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