Traditional cake no longer made traditional, and your food menu looks so much better even without the Beetroot

Imagine walking into your wedding stunningly beautiful dressed in your conventional wedding dress. Side by side with the man of your dreams, while the both of you still in aw of each other and the beautiful venue that compliments the two of you. And in that moment, you both look into each other’s eyes take a deep breath holding hands ‘this is meant to be’.

As you both lift your heads up there you see a beautiful masterpiece, the cake of your dreams and it is exactly what you want. Custom made for you from scratch with an added Mokgalaka twist to it all the details on this cake were well thought and done with so much care and precision. One thing about us is that we stick to the traditional way of building your cake up the tier way, however that does not mean that the idea of your chandelier cake dies. Nope, remember your cake can be anything you want it to be.

Forget about the fruitcake flavor, the aim is to please from look to the taste. And we must be very open minded about this cake thing, at the end of the day it is more than just about eating the cake but the experience, especially the taste.

Already you have given to your guests something to talk about after your wedding. How about you give them something more to talk about, I am taking about the food! Who wants a beetroot on their plate when attending the wedding of the year? Believe me no one whether it’s cooked with apples or roasted no one cares! Instead, what a waste of red on a beautiful place. Honestly it has done its time to make it onto the menu, you don’t need it there even if that distant aunt from the groom’s family feels it is.

When we make food, we are more about what our couple wants whether traditional or westernized dishes from your appetizers to your desert, of the theme allows we will cook a memorable storm for you.

Now how about you invite us to be a part of your wedding preparations!? We are always on the lookout for couples that want to share their remarkable cake and food moments with us.

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