Wedding Season

The country is now open and back to alert level 1, which means you can now go ahead with your wedding plans and preparations. We back OUTSIDE! Take advantage of this great weather and the eased restrictions that we live under because in these times that we living in, you can never be certain about anything.

Your wedding ceremony is where your marriage officially starts, its where it breathes life, its where it takes shape. Your ceremony is where you and your partner declare your chosen promises, vows and aspirations together. Put in simple terms, this is where you celebrate your commitment together, in the presence of God, Family and friends.

With this type of prestigious celebration, there has to be an elegant art of cake to complement the whole occasion, serving as a very delicious cherry on top to the celebration, because a celebration without a cake is just a meeting after all!

Mokgalaka creations gives you the opportunity to have a handy hand in your dream cake and help with the customization of it. You dream it, we create it! We also encourage our customers to come over for a cake tasting session to taste a couple of flavors that we do, so you can be confident in the flavors you going to be picking for your master piece, more to it, you also get to sit down with our baker and discuss all the relevant details and adjustments that will be needed on your final cake. Its always good to see the person responsible for your elegant cake.

For more details about our delicious cakes, leave us a message on the get in touch section below and we’ll soon be in contact with you!