Youth Day Commemoration

I bet a whole 5 tier cake that the youth of 1976 did not imagine that they would be celebrated 45 years down the line for standing their ground and believing that they could make a difference.

Can you imagine what would have happened had they not said “NO” to oppression? What would life be like today had the apartheid government not had a taste of a massive resistance like the one of the Soweto Uprising. The youth of 1976 made history on this day, amidst tragedy and bloodshed none the less history was made.

The youth of today needs to be reminded of what power they hold if they stand as a collective. This day presents the opportunity to focus on the issues that affect them directly like the high youth unemployment rate that’s currently on an all time high and access to free quality education that was promised by the freedom charter. These issues need to be dealt with as a collective so that the government can implement long-lasting initiatives to empower the youth.

No matter how we choose to spend this public holiday as South Africans, remember to take the time to reflect on the incredible sacrifices of the students who fought for equal rights and think of ways in which you can help to empower and uplift the future generations of our country.